Join us for our inaugural gaming tournament! FRIDAY ONLY, from 7pm-1am. check-in 6pm-7pm.

Join us for our first ever gaming tournament! Think you've got what it takes to win it all? Show us your skills! Sign up to compete!


we will be playing
In order to play, gamers MUST buy a Pass to the con and pay a Registration Fee to join. 

1st place: gets 60% of the jackpot 

2nd place: gets 30% of jackpot

3rd place: gets 10% of jackpot

Prizes: here is the breakdown on how the prizes will be awarded
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our gaming tournament is brought to you by:

1st place winner: a gaming chair, custom ps4 controller, and our rangerstop & Pop swag bag.

2nd place: a bonus rangerstop & Pop swag bag

3rd place: a rangerstop & pop t-shirt

We will have jackpot bonuses for:

Jackpot is based on 50% of the registration fees collected. The registration fee is $10.  $5 goes to the jackpot and $5 goes to the con to support cost for the tournament.

Rules and regulations

Here are a few rules, regulations and tournament details to know:


1) Tournament will be FRIDAY ONLY, June 21, 7pm-1am 

2) Registration/Check in is 6-7pm

3) Tournament will be played on on PS4
4) Please bring your own controller
5) DLC may not be available
6) Double elimination tournament, Best 2/3, Grand Finals best 3/5


DISCLAIMER: Rules and Regulations are subject to change. Additional rules may also be added at any time. We Will take walk on players if space is available. We are accepting players on a first come, first serve basis.

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