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Upgrade with an RSP Express Pass Today!💥

If you received FREE TICKETS and or have WEEKEND and/or DAY PASSES, Save time and make the most of your event experience. Add an RSP Express Pass to your daily or weekend pass and skip the long lines! With the Express Pass, you'll jump right behind the VIPs in all Actor and Photo Op lines.

**Don’t miss out—get yours today!**
Express Passes save you time, allowing you to stack up more autograph and photo ops and enjoy more shopping with our huge variety of artists and exhibitors!
Express Passes are very limited, so add them now and make the most of your Rangerstop and Pop Experience.
Remember, if you ooze… you lose!

Express Passes are valid for only 1 person in the autograph lines, and 1 person(group) in the photo ops line! Express Passes can not be shared. Autograph limits may apply per Actor (Per Actor rules/limitations)
(Daily or weekend passes must be purchased) express passes are an additional upgrade
Fridays $30.00--Saturdays $45.00--Sundays $25.00 --Weekend $60.00

Express Pass

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