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Check it out our panels' schedule


Location: Prefunction Lobby 2

Panels Moderated by Steven Newport
Cottonwood on Level M1


4:00 - The Price Was Right

An insider look on filming and winning a game show.

Panelist: Ken Porter

5:00 - Ranger Things 3D

Panelists: Rick Schick, Tim Embree

6:00 - Name that Red Ranger

Our panel of red ranger actors will have to see if they can guess the season or name of other
rangers/actors, shown to them at random!

Panelists: Steve Cardenas, Rorrie Travis, Hunter Deno, Brennan Mejia, Kelson Henderson,
Russell Curry, Austin St. John, James Maclurcan

7:00 - Blue Ranger Power! (Moderated by Alan Z)

It’s True Blue to the Rescue! Our heroes come together today to play a live version of “Name
that Villain,” using characters from their own seasons. One thing is certain: This panel won’t
leave you singing the blues.

Panelists: Blake Foster, Michael Copon, Kevin Duhaney, Peter Sudarso

9:30 - After Dark Panel

Hosted by: Mel and Susan


12:00 - Dino/Cosmic Fury – “Cosmic Connections”

Our ten panelists will break into teams of two to see if their fellow castmates know them as well
as the think they do, in a Power-Rangers themed version of “the newlywed game!”


Panelists: Hunter Deno, Tessa Rao, Chance Perez, Jaqueline Joe, Kelson Henderson, Jared Turner, Tessa Rao, Campbell Cooley, Russell Curry, Jordan Fite

1:00 - Dino Thunder – “Secret Words”

As we catch up with the Legendary Dino Thunder cast, each member will have a random word or phrase they have to use naturally during the panel. See if you can pick out what it is!

Panelists: Jeff Parazzo, Kevin Duhaney, Katrina Devine

2:00 - TMNT: “Drawn into Danger”

Our amazing voice cast is known for playing these iconic characters – now we will determine the
best artist, as they all draw their characters and put them to an audience vote!

Panelists: Rob Paulsen, Renae Jacobs, Barry Gordon, Cam Clarke, Townsend Coleman

3:00 - AVATAR: Dante Basco and Jenni Kwan in “Character Chaos” (Moderated by Alan Z)

In this game, our amazing panelists will act out everyday scenarios – but as various characters
they have played throughout the years!

Panelists: Dante Basco, Jenni Kwan

4:00 - MMPR/ZEO: Truth and Lies

Each Ranger will do two rounds of truth and lie statements about their time on Power Rangers.
The fans will need to decide if the ranger is telling the truth or if it’s a lie. Whichever fan gets the most answers correct he/she wins.


Panelists: Steve Cardenas, Austin St.John, Paul Freeman, Catherine Sutherland, Nakia Burrise, Kerrigan Mahan, Karan Ashley, Hein Nguyen, Charlie Hersh

5:00 - Press Your Luck (Hosted by Davira)

Panelists: Jack Guzman, Hector David, Dwayne Cameron, James Macluran


11:00 - Pop Culture – “Scenes from a Hat”

These pop culture icons will perform random humorous scenes selected at random, all while
trying not to laugh during what is sure to be a hilarious hour!

Panelists: Nicole Brown, Giovannie Samuels, Tasha Scott

12:00 - Valley Windworks

Come swing by the Valley Windworks panel where we talk about your favorite video games,
shows, movies, and especially your favorite moments from Power Rangers! Let's go have some fun!

Panelist: Parth Patel

1:00 - AI Your Way

Introduction on using AI in conjunction with imagery to create spectacular moments and submerging
oneself into their fandom. We used this for our most recent CosNoir release!

Panelists: Jabarr Fox, Dru Phillips

2:00 - Gloves & Boot Covers

Gloves & Boot Covers - A class from Dean’s Lyst on how to make gloves and handy boot covers for your cosplays. Boot covers are an efficient way to change the appearance of your favorite boots without breaking the bank. Great for packing as well - eliminating the need to bring multiple pairs of footwear.

Panelists: Jabarr Fox, Walter Dean

3:00 - Ranger Content Creators 101 (Cosplays/Content/Fanfilms)

The panel will include the 3 of cosplay guests that have created content in the Power Ranger Community for around 10 years. talking about Creating cosplays, giving tips on how to start as a Ranger Content Creator, and showing the achievements we have made through the years.

Panelists: Soni, Patrick Skye, Deka

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