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May 29, 1974 · Langley Air Force Base, Virginia

Steve Cardenas was born at Langley Air Force Base near Newport, Virginia and is now living in Los Angeles, California. Settling in Texas, Steve grew up training in martial arts from a very young age with a speciality in tai-kwon-do. There is no information as to what got him to audition but he managed to get In his teens, Cardenas attended an audition for the part of a Power Ranger. Having no prior acting experience, he got the role. He was soon filming Season 2 of Mighty Morphin' and the 1995 movie in Australia.

Cardenas left the series in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie due to wanting to open his own martial arts dojo. His last in universe appearance was the very first episode of Power Rangers Turbo, "Shift Into Turbo-part I" with it even being mentioned that he planned to open a dojo. He was replaced by Blake Foster's Justin Stewart as the Blue Turbo Ranger. After leaving the show, he established a dojo in Los Angeles where he taught martial arts as he planned.

As with co-star Karan Ashley, Steve was also contacted to reprise the role of Rocky for Power Rangers Super Megaforce but turned it down, citing low pay and "not a lot of character development. "Furthermore, Cardenas emphasized that Saban let the fans down because he was willing "to get away with paying" the minimum.

Cardenas eventually reprised his role in the Super Ninja Steel episode Dimensions in Danger for the 25th anniversary, though he officially retired from acting shortly afterwards. However, he returns to his role in the TV special Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always.

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